Indulge in the exquisite taste of premium bananas sourced from Ecuador, renowned for their unparalleled freshness and top-tier quality. Each bite unveils a tropical delight, a testament to the rich soil and ideal climate of their origin.

Our Mission

With a steadfast commitment, we proudly serve as exporters of top-grade Cavendish bananas from Ecuador. Having thrived in the industry for over five years, our mission is rooted in delivering excellence. Beyond bananas, we extend our dedication to quality by offering an array of premium fruits and vegetables to satisfy diverse palates.

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Tropiveggiefruits S.A.S. specializes in the cultivation, trading, and global exportation of the Ecuadorian Cavendish banana variety. Renowned for its robust aroma, substantial dimensions, and delightful sweetness, this banana variety is synonymous with quality. Ecuador


Renowned for their delectable taste, nutritional richness, and superior caliber, the Cavendish banana emerges as a top-tier choice. This piece delves into the factors that distinguish Ecuador's Cavendish bananas as the ultimate selection.


Our bananas boast an unparalleled sweetness that sets them apart on the global stage. Our commitment to perfecting the art of cultivation, combined with the region's optimal climate, results in a unique and delightful flavor profile. This dedication to excellence has propelled us to the forefront, making us the premier choice for banana enthusiasts worldwide. 

Did you know?

TROPIVEGGIEFRUITS S.A.S. actively seeks out superior producers, collaborators, and suppliers, aiming to excel in every facet. This commitment is ingrained in its distinct slogan: "Quality is non-negotiable." This ethos resonates throughout its six distinct brands, each reflecting its own narrative through names, aesthetics, and hues, all while placing the customer at the heart of this transformative journey.

Our Transparency and Safety

Each team member involved in our process, spanning from fruit harvesting to port delivery, comprehends their pivotal contribution. Our unique excellence derives from the collaborative endeavors of Tropiveggiefruits, its partners, and suppliers. Adhering to rigorous supervision by Certification bodies, local authorities, and international entities resonates with our foundational principles. As a result, we assert Tropiveggiefruits' unwavering commitment to elevating transparency and safety, nurturing the reliance and confidence vested by our associates and clients in our venture.

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