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Our farms and packing facilities have undergone rigorous qualification, possessing an effective infrastructure to support the production process. This includes features such as a well-designed drainage system, efficient sprinkler irrigation, reliable irrigation pumps, water recycling pools strategically placed at packing stations, well-maintained road networks, convenient intermodal container parking, and other essential components. These provisions collectively enable us to deliver a product of superior quality that we take great pride in.

Employing proficient personnel dedicated to quality control, the initial phase in attaining superior fruit involves conducting preliminary research. Our technical division assumes responsibility for identifying optimal products and packaging materials that align with the distinct demands of the market.

The comprehensive procedure adheres to the GLOBALGAP protection strategy and is fortified by BASC certification.

Our objective is to conduct business with a combination of integrity and effectiveness, demonstrating respect not only for our workforce, but also for the communities they are a part of and the surrounding environment in which they reside and operate. This entails fulfilling the roles of responsible citizenship and being a considerate neighbor.

We hold a robust dedication to environmental preservation, our nation, and the local community. As such, we actively engage in a variety of initiatives focused on conserving land, wildlife, and forests, with the overarching goal of promoting improved human well-being and contributing to the enhancement of Ecuador as a secure and nurturing habitat.







Gathering Perfection Fruits

Tropiveggiefruits S.A.S. specializes in the worldwide export of bananas. Whether you are a cherished customer, an investor, or simply seeking to gain deeper insights into our product range, we exemplify our dedication to excellence and our dynamic growth as a global venture. As a prominent figure in Ecuador, we stand out as both producers and suppliers of premium-grade, fresh bananas.

Our certified farms are strategically situated across Guayas, Los Rios, Quevedo, Santo Domingo de los Tsachillas, Machala, El Carmen, and Palora. This expansive network empowers us to supply fresh fruits reliably. Our well-organized framework enables real-time quality oversight and ensures the impeccable state of our fruits, facilitating precise deliveries at their peak freshness.



Our processes and certifications ensure the delivery of delectable, sweet, and nourishing fruits to clients worldwide. The unparalleled sweetness and velvety texture of our bananas stand unrivaled.


Upgrade Your Taste Experience with Our Exceptional Variety of Fresh Harvests!